Recommended Resources

The following resources are not affiliated with Foundation Bible Ministries in any way. These are being recommended only for their value for personal study or spiritual growth.


Gospel River - a repository of free conservative hymn recordings


Blue Letter Bible - Powerful online Bible software.

MyBible App for Android and iOS - Powerful Bible software for your phone - Strongs, search, multiple versions, and many tools, preferences, and resources.

Courses and Content


Ancient Lyre - an examination of biblical music.

Partially free

Way of Life Literature - online courses, videos, and books, some of which are free.

Not free

Study Greek - Bill Mounce - although we would not agree with his selection of original texts or methods of translation, his course on biblical Greek is the best method for learning biblical Greek that we have found.

Walk Thru the Bible - An archive of video series and courses. Founded by Bruce Willkinson. Of particular note are the two classic courses, 7 Laws of the Learner, and 7 Laws of the Teacher.

Bruce Wilkinson's current website - with newer courses on leadership and communication.

Striving Together - The publisher of Living Hymns, also providing a range of books and curriculum.

With Caution

The resources below may be of great value, but may contain doctrine that is not in-line with Foundation Bible Ministries.

Biblical Training - Free online video courses for a wide range of topics, some of which are at a seminary level.