About Foundation Bible Ministries

Foundation Bible Ministries is a ministry that aims to provide resources for conservative and fundamental Christians around the world. The 21st century brings with it incredibly powerful tools. It is our goal to extend those tools to help Christians.


Where convictions differ between two individuals or congregations, the more conservative is the less likely to offend. Over time, there is a natural tendency to move away from conservatism unless there is a strong reason to hold on to it.

It is our position to hold strongly to conservative convictions so as to preserve the work, and the church.


Often, conservative resources are less than polished.

As representatives of a Holy God, we should strive to raise the level of professionalism in the work that we do for Him.


Nothing could be more detrimental to the faith than a false doctrine being made convincing. Where possible, we hope to ensure the doctrines brought forth in our materials accurately reflect the intent of God in His Word.



An online courseware site that will contain courses on a variety of subjects.

There are active projects to develop courses for the site currently underway. The site is built with Chamilo.


A web-app that will host a timeline from creation to Christ.

Not yet started, The plan is to use the viz.js JavaScript framework to develop an interactive timeline with the ability to toggle various features, events, characters lifetimes, etc. on and off and see a range of both biblical events and extra-biblical events.


A series of animated Bible stories for children and for the whole family.

There are discussions underway on what the series might look like and how it could be built. This would be done in Blender with custom extensions. It would also require a music team, audio team, voice-over group, and a collaboration with script-writers and theological experts to develop the storyboards and pin down the script.


Script.re is a series of software projects intended to make Scripture more accessible to people of all walks. The intent is to build a web app, a desktop app, and a mobile app.


Starting as a single web page with links to resources around the web of various conservative Christian resources, Foundation.Bible/Resources will continue to offer the best materials for Bible study, music, software, and more.