Several projects are planned, however Foundation Bible Ministries is still very early in the planning stages for these and other possible projects.

A Biblical Foundation

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Interactive Bible Timeline

Chronology is one of the greatest challenges in theology. We are also in a unique position in the 21st century to find historical facts that allow us to piece together a more accurate history of time from the moment of creation to now.

A timeline would be of incredible value in helping anyone understand the historical background for events in the Bible.

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Resources per book of the Bible

In the study of hermeneutics we learn that each book of the Bible should be considered in light of it’s type or style. That is, poetry should be understood differently than law, and both should be understood differently than narrative, etc.

Beginning with the book of Proverbs, we are looking to build resources that are tailored to the hermeneutic of each individual book of the Bible.

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Bible Software

As with other current technologies such as in the music industry, Bible software has become a heavily marketed money making machine. If possible, we hope to overthrow the money changers in the realm of Bible software and begin offering open source solutions to the needs of pastors, teachers, and translators around the world.

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