Audio Recommendations

Everything you need to know about audio for your church.

Whether you are live streaming or not, every church needs good audio. Professionals will tell you that audio is the most important part of a video, because our judgement of quality will be heavily influence by how it sounds.

Getting Started

There are a lot of things to understand about audio, especially if you're setting up an auditorium from scratch, or upgrading a current system. To simplify this process, we have created a getting started guide to walk you through the areas of audio that you need to deal with in order to produce good quality sound for both your live audience and, if you choose, for your livestreaming audience as well.

Audio Equipment (Audio Gear)

Choosing Equipment

Choosing a mixer

Choosing an amp and speakers

Choosing microphones

Setting Up

Room setup - speaker and microphone placement and configuration

Configuring a mixer

Dialing in the sound

Audio Software


Simple recording and editing

Digital Audio Workstation


Understanding Audio Formats

wav, mp3, other project files

Hosting Sermons and other Audio files

Hosting setup

sermon manager plugin