This Week In Proverbs

Catholic Church descends into a very dark time – 24:30
Jan 2, 400 Catholic clergy in Illinois accused of sexual misconduct
Jan 20 2018, Sex abuse claim against Guam church brings total lawsuits to 157 in which sixteen priests, two archbishops and a bishop have also been implicated.
Sep 25 2018, Report finds about 1,670 clerics, mainly priests, are implicated.
Aug 14 2018, Catholic Priests Abused 1,000 Children in Pennsylvania (more than 300 priests over a period of 70 years)
In 2015, the Catholic church was losing members faster than any other religious organization.
Methodists flaunt their ignorance and bigotry 21:8-12
Flat earthers planning a trip to “the edge” 26:1-7

Peace Medley

Christian music, the native argument

The tongue

Closing Stories
Mueller’s report – anticipointment 19:1-3
Trump’s genius tweet about Israel’s control of the disputed Golan Heights 12:8-13

This Week In Proverbs

Cardinals in Catholic church now starting to be implicated in sex scandals 15:8-11
Dutch Reform Church votes to allow homosexual ministers 1:10-18
Ocasio Cortez campaign missing $885,000 13:6-11
Ilhan Omar anti-semitic tweets 18:17-20

Appropriateness of certain kinds of music in church

Also Proverbs

No Song

Closing Stories
A Methodist Church ignores new ruling on homosexuality 28:12-15
LDS church changes their domain names 10:23

This Week In Proverbs


Everyone runs for president 10:1 and following
Trump walks away from a deal with Kim Jung Un 23:1-9
Methodist church in turmoil after a huge vote to not do anything or change anything 16:1-6
Catalytic converters being stolen from church busses  14:8-12
Arkansas church gets backlash for sign that plays with words that are political 17:14-17


Panorama as a picture of life

No Song

This Week In Proverbs

•It’s finally been confirmed, The Senate Intelligence Committee has found no collusion between Trump or his campaign and Russia. The Mainstream media has not covered it at all! 11:9* 11:5-10

La Lomita Chapel – survey must be allowed 18:10-13

•Southern Baptist Convention exposed with 700 victims of sexual assault 24:13-22

•United Methodist church is about to split 1:10-19, 4:14-19

This Week In Proverbs

MAGA kids 18:13 (18:10-15)

First Presbyterian Church in Wetumpka Alabama

New York State Abortion Bill 11:17-23

Fewer young people attend church today – why does the son leave?

  • Follow the son
  • Chasten thy son 19:18
  • Aspects of chastening 19:13-19
  • Instruction follows, if they don’t hear it early, they may not hear it.

Proverbs Chapter 10 map

This Week In Proverbs

12yo killed in a car accident and hit and run – Grief – 10:2-11
Shutdown still on – Local church increasing available assistance during shutdown 11:9-12
Homosexuality and the church – 5
Congregation ousts pastor
Methodist church

Jesus Loves Even Me – Played by Nate Moss
Nearer My God To Thee – Played by Nate Moss

Trump’s address to the nation about the border wall.
Border wall to run through a Catholic church’s property.
Starbucks installs needle disposal boxes.

A look back in time. English Psalter from 1584.

Proverbs Structure:
There are breaks in the “dark chapters” of 10-29.
Bible Project video on Proverbs.


In this episode I cover the government shutdown, persecution of the church in China, and a Baby Jesus and Mary statue that was stolen from a nativity outside a Catholic church.

This podcast is still brand new and not yet fully developed.

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