Proverbs is quite likely the most complex piece of literature ever written. Layer upon layer of life lessons are interweaved together conceptually, creating an unparalleled picture of life for the believer.

Most studies of the book however find difficulty in pointing to the reasons for the order of the proverbs it contains. In this in-depth study, we will lay out a map of Proverbs and examine the many interesting fascets that can be explored as a studious reader makes a more interested observation of the book.


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Course Outline


Lesson One: Introduction
An approach to the book, the major divisions within the book, the need for cohesion, and more.

Lesson Two: Chapters 1-2
Who Proverbs is written for, the prerequisite of knowledge, the "fear of the Lord"

Lesson Three: Wisdom Personified

Lesson Four: Evil Personified (The Wicked & The Strange Woman)

Lesson Five: The King and the Fool

Introduction to the proverbs copied out by the men of Hezekiah
The King - Authority - Chapter 25
The Fool - Wisdom - Chapter 26

Lesson Six: The Friend and the Wicked

Who were the “men of Hezekiah”?
The Friend - Relationships - Chapter 27
The Wicked - Wealth (and how it is gained)

Lesson Seven: The Paradigm of Proverbs - Chapter 29

The Summary Chapter
The Paradigm of Proverbs
Perspective Painting
Introduction to the Panorama

Lesson Eight: Chapter 10 - Advice for the Novice: "Don't destroy yourself"
The introduction to the novice

Lesson Nine: Chapter 11 - Your Affect on Others
Integrity, the pursuit of gain

Lesson Ten: Chapter 12 - Wise Interactions in the World

Lesson Eleven: Chapter 13 - Diligence & Wealth

Lesson Twelve: Chapter 14 - Matters of the Heart

Lesson Thirteen: Chapter 15 - Correction & Reproof

Lesson Fourteen: Chapter 16 - Righteousness

Lesson Fifteen: Chapter 17 - Refining the Heart / Becoming Excellent

Lesson Sixteen: Chapter 18 - The Heart of the Learner

Lesson Seventeen: Chapter 19 - Self Destruction vs Discretion

Lesson Eightteen: Chapter 20 - Influence & Example

Lesson Nineteen: Chapter 21 - Wickedness & Maturity

Lesson Twenty: Chapter 22 - Order and Authority

Lesson Twenty One: Chapter 23 - Proper Perspective & Actions

Lesson Twenty Two: Chapter 24 - The Spiritual & Eternal Value of Wisdom

Lesson Twenty Three: The Words of Agur

Lesson Twenty Four: The Words of Lemuel

Lesson Twenty Five: Applying Proverbs


By the end of this course, you should have a solid grasp of the content of the book of Proverbs, including the following: