The Foundation.Bible/Timeline Project

The power to be able to see the connection between events in Scripture would be of incredible value to students of the Bible in many ways. This project aims to create an accurate timeline of events in the Bible, as well as connecting the dots to other major events in history.

This massive undertaking will take both time and resources. The viz.js framework will allow us to create a timeline that is dynamic and easily navigable, and also has the ability to create our own look and feel. The intent is to be able to view any point in time in history from creation to the early church and see the greater context including correlating events both included in the Bible and in other records of history.

Multiple Chronologies

When complete, users should be able to do the following with the timeline:


  • Choose between traditional dates, mainstream archaeological dates, and Foundation Bible dates
  • See the differences in dates between specific versions of original language texts

Several Types of Events

The types of events to be included are at least:


  • Characters births, ages, and deaths
  • Construction and destruction of Cities and monuments
  • Beginning and end of the reigns of kings
  • Catastrophic geological or other natural or supernatural events


Users should be able to:


  • Toggle visibility of various types of data
  • Drag and drop to order rows or groups on the timeline
  • Color code certain types of events
  • Export data and images for use in presentations