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It’s time for a better tool

With the advent of the printing press, Christians were at the forefront of technology. The Bible was and remains the most printed text. Why then, is Scripture not at the heart of technology today?

Tools have been written that give users incredible control over text, but these tools have rarely been applied to Bible software. It it our goal to begin the development of powerful tools designed specifically for working with Scripture.


Open Source

Tools for the study of the Scriptures should not be closed for those of feeble means. Each of the current available Bible software systems have barriers that make the choice in Bible software hard.

Logos, as the premier option, comes at a premium price, although they do seem to be attempting recently to make it more affordable on mobile devices. Cost should not prevent someone from access to features when it comes to the study of the Bible. The open source model can help to protect against this paradigm.

Other software tools have limited features, are hard to extend, or are limited specific platforms.

The Tools will ultimately consist of two tools, a web tool and an install-able tool. Both of these tools will be open source and freely available to everyone on every device.     Web App

Fast Scripture explorer web app

Designed from the ground up to be as fast as possible, is intended to offer quick and easy access to Scripture on the web. Currently in beta, the project is driven by the following goals. It will be:

• Fast – above all else, it needs to respond as close to instant as possible.
• Easy to use – every part of the interface should be intuitive, not needing a reference guide to use it.
• Efficient – keyboard shortcuts and functions should make sense and be optimized for exploring Scripture.
• Open – anyone who uses should be able to submit an idea or contribute their own code ideas to make it better.

The web app is written in go 1.13 for the server and native javascript for the client. The lack of a framework, and the choice to use only css and javascript with no images for layout and design make the web app highly efficient and fast. web app roadmap web is in early active development. Here are the core features currently on the roadmap.


Navigation bar

A dynamic navigation bar with instant feedback as you type.


Quick Nav

Clickable navigation by book name and chapter number.


Bible Versions

Any and all open licensed versions of the Bible will be made available.


Canon selection

Select from Protestant, Catholic, or Jewish canon, and further in the future, explore extra-biblical books as well.

Scriptre     Desktop & Mobile App

Pending a production version of the web app being made available, the Scriptre desktop and mobile apps will begin development.

Scriptre will be designed primarily to make the creation of Bible resources easier. It will be a tool to convert text into Bible formats and modules ready for inclusion on platforms such as the sword project repositories.

Once the core features of working with text and module creation are complete, building on those tools will offer a much more capable set of functions for studying Scripture.

Scriptre desktop will be written in C++ and compiled for Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and BSD. Then with a more practical touch interface with the same core features, it will be compiled for Android and iOS. We will also be looking at ChromeOS very closely to ensure it works well there too.

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