The book of Proverbs is possibly the most complex single book in the Bible. Layers overlap with other layers to paint a picture of life in a practical way, explaining the mechanics of wisdom and its connection with righteousness. We’re building a repository of resources to help you unravel the puzzle, and get a peek at the wisdom that God gave to Solomon.

This Week In Proverbs

A weekly podcast monologue that considers current news in light of Proverbs.

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Graphics & Maps

Graphical aides in rightly dividing the book of Proverbs can prove very helpful. Many more of these are currently in development.

Divisions – PDF showing the divisions of Proverbs

Chapter Titles

Titling the chapters can prove to be a difficult challenge. These titles are the combined work of Nathanael Moss and his father David Moss over 4 years of study.

  1. The Purpose of Wisdom
  2. The Product of Wisdom
  3. The Merchandise of Wisdom
  4. The Priority of Wisdom
  5. Family Values
  6. Social Ethics
  7. Protection against Temptation
  8. Wisdom’s Value
  9. Wisdom’s Advice
  10. Advice for the Novice: “Don’t destroy yourself”
  11. Your Affect on Others
  12. Wise Interactions in the World
  13. Diligence & Wealth
  14. Matters of the Heart
  15. Correction & Reproof
  16. Righteousness
  17. Refining the Heart / Becoming Excellent
  18. The Heart of the Learner
  19. Self Destruction vs Discretion
  20. Influence & Example
  21. Wickedness & Maturity
  22. Order and Authority
  23. Proper Perspective & Actions
  24. The Spiritual & Eternal Value of Wisdom
  25. The King
  26. The Fool
  27. The Friend
  28. The Wicked
  29. Summary